Brief Descriptions of the New Cities

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Brief Descriptions of the New Cities

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Here beginneth, by the hand of master Georg van Horne of the fair city of Conningham, and by the mercy of the almighty Mother and her holy sons,

the Briefe Descriptions of the New Cities in the lands easteforth,

in whiche hath benne downput in memory for many a year to come the histories, lands and noted citizens of ye aforementioned cities.
Directed this here scripte is towards the noble folke of the United Monarchies, and to all ye wise men whoever findeth in their hearts the joy of learning,
and to those whom arth curious of the Mother's great quest to cleanse these bewildered lands of heathen savagery.  And most sincerely to the esteemede Emperor Fredere Perdegnan IV van Havel, Grand Prince of Astphalen, King of Karlovia and Lord Protector of the Faithful in the East, to whom it is vitale to know of ye situationse in the New Lande.

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