Native Pantheon

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Native Pantheon

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Runnamo, the supreme god, also the god of weather. Celebrated especially in the spring, when the seeds were sown, to bring rain and stop the drought. Also prayed to in hunting and fishing. Bad weather, especially thunderstorms, are considered signs of Runnamo's bad mood.


Nahto, the god of sea, water, fishing and seal hunting. Water springs and small ponds are considered places of Nahto's healing power, and they were used as places of remedy for many diseases. Commands creatures of the water, especially fish, to move into nets or away from them. Married to Wellamo, and lives with her in the underwater kingdom of Nahtola.

Naecce, a horse-shaped spirit that lives in the water. Malevolent, especially towards children whom it would eat if they came too close to its lair.


Ilmo, a legendary smith, who created most - if not the entire - world. According to legend Ilmo forged blue shards and put them together to form the sky. Prayed to when manual work, namely creating something (carving, forging, painting, building), needs to be done.






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