Pain Mountain

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Pain Mountain

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Pain Mountain, also Mount of Anguish or Torture Hill is a great hill somewhere in Selonia, between the rivers Nemuna and Tausall. On top of it lives the Loviatar, the Pain Lady, to whom nearby villagers recite spells to conjure their aches and diseases away. The Lady gathers people's pains and grinds them with a millstone. The mountain's slopes are visited and sung at to either take pain from oneself or give it to someone else.
On top of the mountain is the Pain Mill. The millstone is rumoured to have nine holes, where the pains are placed. Few have visited the top of the mountain in fear of angering the Loviatar, but it has been reported to have an old circle of stone altars, possibly a former place of sacrifice.

The Loviatar is often referred to as the Maiden of Tuona, which connects her to the native pantheon. She is considered one of the daughters of Tuona and Tuonatar. The Pain Lady collects pain and disease from those who worship her, and commands the aches into nine holes in her millstone. In some spells, it is told that the Loviatar cries often or all the time. According to a certain spell, the Lady does not have power to destroy pains herself, only to deliver them to the hill; as stone weeps for naught, bothered not by blight.

There are several places in Selonia and elsewhere believed to be the mountain, as the Loviatar's worship is widespread. However, the real mountain is believed to be located near the village of Ersela, several leagues north of the city of Tursen.

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