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- The Dlaimaics are a group of peoples who inhabit the eastern parts of the continent
- Krosci, Gienci, the Tarnaics, Chelmi and Zamosci are the biggest tribes
- Inspiration: slavic people
- The Krosci people live on the straits of the river Terebral, also known as Krosce. A people of shepherds and peasants, they are often raided by the hill tribes and taken to slavery
- The Gienci are cousins to the Krosci who live on the straits of the river Gience. They are more heavily armed, and have wooden fortresses and armies, as well as monarchy. Sometimes some monarchs have managed to unite the entirety of the Gienci.
- Tarnaics are wandering people who inhabit the Tarna Plains. Like the Krosci, warfare and military discipline are strangers to them, and thus wander the plains in small groups. They are oppressed and enslaved by both the hill tribes and the colonialists of Calestea.
- Chelmi are the biggest hill tribe on the Golden Hills, and have taken the hills' native name to themselves. They lead other, smaller hill tribes and raid those living near the river and occasionally, the Tarnaics, as well as warring with their rivaling neighbors, the Zamosci of the Silver Hills.
- Zamosci are the other hill tribe from the Silver Hills. They have frequently terrorized the Gienci and the Krosci, but the lesser peoples have begun to stand up against them. The Zamosci are skilled horsemen, and they wear pointy helmets made of bronze.

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