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- The church came to be from foreign travelers from around the surrounding world with the same religion. The majority of the travelers came in pursuit of a "golden land" promised to them in their religion
- The church rose to power through the foreign powers funding the religious travelers to the point when they could become independent and form the Inquisition to enforce the church's strength
- The church is the most influential organization/agenda in the world
- The church holds absolute power; religious and political
- There is a ruling class, above which the church is; the priests are higher in society than nobility
- The church is split in church states, each headed by an archbishop (Priest Kings)
- The archbishops are supervised by the Grandfather, and his council of advisers
- These advisers are usually granted the title of archbishop, but hold no lands like the Priest Kings
- The Grandfather has the power to call upon all the Priest Kings in times of war, to unite the church states into one, big holy empire, in which the Priest Kings are temporarily deprived of their title, instead becoming generals to their overlord, the Grandfather
- The church is based on a religion that is about aiding the poor and the weak, but the rulers of the church tend to do otherwise
- The church keeps citizens in fold by promising both peace and prosperity on earth, as well as fortune from the god in this life and the afterlife
- The church is purging the land of the traditional tribal religions, trying to bring the people to their faith and follow their rules instead
- The church and their faith's influence is the strongest in the western shores, and the weakest in the east
- Smaller villages, hamlets and towns are ruled by normal priests, who represent the church in that specific place. The titles the priests hold may differ according to the size of the settlement or their importance to the church
- Priests leading settlements in the borderlands of the church states are styled maraises
- Native religions are outlawed and shunned and branded as witchcraft or dark magic inside the church states' borders
- The church enforces strict rules and ideologies that are mandatory to be followed by each member of the church, even the common people
- Priests and other church officials are often the ones given most freedom to take exceptions from these rules, such as torturing and murdering in the name of the god
- People who follow the church's religion but are biased on the rules they enforce (cultists, separatists) are branded outlaws by the Inquistion
- The division of the church that makes and enforces the law is called the Inquisition, a mainly military organization with the most prestige in the church. The Inquisition consists of knights, who are often - but not officially - called Inquisitors
- There is a rumor that the church itself deals in magic adopted from the natives to the east in order to gain control of the entire world

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